“This is tissue”

#Roll Tissue

What are the essential needs you wished to be fulfilled when you are choosing a particular brand of toilet paper? Toilet paper is the most crucial sanitary product that touches your soft and fragile skin. Therefore, it is very important to protect every inch of your skin by choosing an eco-friendly and pure toilet paper for your family. Love your family. Choose a trustworthy brand. Meanwhile, since humans use a significant amount of tissue and associated products every day, what we choose has a great effect on the world environment we live in. Do we want to build a better world with no pollution or we just want to live at our convenience? Or is it possible that we can make a smart choice that can achieve both?

#The Green Spirit

As a pioneer in manufacturing toilet paper in HK, Pulpage is a keen advocate in the production of high-quality toilet paper using natural materials and above all, originality. A revolution in style. We value user experiences as well as environmental protection. We would like to reconnect humankind with nature. That’s why Pulpage chooses to use a pure bamboo pulp to replace the traditional wood pulp, which bamboo is a much more sustainable and faster-growing plant compared to trees. With 1300 tonnes of bamboo-based tissue used, 100 trees can be planted. Save the earth. Be green. It just takes just a little effort from every single one of you. Not to mention, all tissue produced with bamboo pulp has a more natural scent and appearance. A whole new user experience can be brought to you through the all-natural Pulpage tissue products.


“Why pulpage ?”

Pulpage specializes in household tissue and toilet paper production. In a wonderful integration of environmental awareness and advanced manufacturing techniques, Pulpage makes soft and tough bamboo toilet paper that can suit the needs of both homemakers as well as green activists. Our breathable anti-allergic toilet paper in HK caters to the needs of everyone in your family. We have sourced our high-quality bamboo as raw materials which originated from Sichuan, a place renowned for producing bamboos. The Hong Kong-based tissue brand also emphasizes the brand message and purposes. To convey philosophical messages and ideas through brand design, Pulpage wants every user to think responsibly and act smart. Pulpage is not just an ordinary toilet paper brand, but one that embraces an authentic lifestyle. Nature, sustainability and originality are what we seek.