#hand towel

Have you ever wondered the amount of hand towels used by Hong Kong people every day? It’s 65 million pieces, about 720 tons, which can fill 40 double-decker buses. As much as half of them are unrecyclable, which leads to severe effects on the ecosystem, causing serious problems like accelerating global warming, producing excessive sewage etc.

Pulpage 100% Bamboo Pulp M-fold Paper Towel (200 sheets) x 20 Packets



Pulpage pays close attention to environmental issues and strives to establish a reconnection between humans and mother nature. We believe that humans’ growth is sourced from nature. We must learn to cherish and reciprocate to the natural environment in order to live in harmony with nature and protect our homeland, our roots. Therefore, Pulpage, with its brand concept based on natural origins, replaces trees with fast-growing bamboos to produce entirely natural and environmentally friendly bamboo pulp tissue paper. Made of pure bamboo fiber, the high-quality hand towels are good for both your skin and the environment, giving consumers a choice to protect our home. In addition, paper towels are often in touch with tender skin of our hands. The bamboo pulp, which is composed by natural antibacterial contents, can organically provide you with a clean and sterile living environment. Compared to bleachable and carcinogenic paper towels which contains additives, Pulpage takes the people-oriented approach, and we make purely natural paper towels, just to offer you a better choice.